The Things She'll Be Leaving Behind

By Vanessa Farnsworth

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The women in The Things She’ll Be Leaving Behind have nothing in common except that they all find themselves trying to find their footings, preserve their sanity, and just generally survive in circumstances they never thought they would encounter. They don’t always do it gracefully. Occasionally alcohol or firearms are involved. Just like in real life.

These women go toe-to-toe with chronic liars, dead grandfathers, beleaguered sons, mysterious voices, unfaithful husbands, midnight callers, spiteful sisters, and hallucinated clowns. Husbands go crazy or wayward or missing. Life hits walls and somersaults and does breathless, tactless things. And always it must be dealt with even when the means to do so seem to be entirely absent.

Filled with burnt-at-the-edges dialogue, contemporary humour, and compelling pacing, the stories in The Things She’ll Be Leaving Behind are inventive, energetic and thoroughly original.

ISBN: 978-1-77187-157-0 ($19.95)

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Published by Thistledown Press.