The Obligatory Bio

Photo Credit: Kristin Jubinville

I’m a former horticulturist, journalist, and long-time resident of rural British Columbia. I’m endlessly curious about the natural world and that curiosity has led me on many strange adventures down barely maintained logging roads, across rustic beaches, over questionable portages, and definitely down quite a few roads less travelled. Elk have migrated across my garden. Bears use my backwoods for shelter and passage. Deer brazenly eat every plant not defended by fences.

And I’m a writer. Through my writing I help readers to better understand the natural world, rural living, gardening, and the joys and stresses of being human. I’ve learned most things the hard way, which is enormously helpful when it comes time to explain to readers how not to do things.

I have been writing professionally for more than 20 years. During that time I've penned a huge number of short and feature articles, columns, and blog posts that have appeared everywhere from Canadian Gardening, Canadian Living, Cottage, Garden Making, The Grower, Harrowsmith Country Life, Kootenay Life East, Route 3, and Vitality Magazine to the Garden Therapy and All Lit Up blogs. I stopped counting at 100 because to me 100 is a really big number.  

My first book, Rain on a Distant Roof: A Personal Journey Through Lyme Disease in Canada (Signature Editions), was published in 2013 and my fiction has been published in literary journals across Canada and in the United States, including The Dalhousie Review, dANDelion, filling Station, The New Quarterly, PRECIPICe, Qwerty, and Reed Magazine. One of my stories, "Napoleon's Eyes", was nominated for the Journey Prize.

Currently, I'm the Communications Coordinator for the BC Interior Chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.